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The Top 3: 90s Songs

To celebrate its 40 years on air, our favorite local radio station has been re-visiting 40 years of music in 40 days. Meaning, each weekday, they’ll play music from a specific year and run with it. Scott and I have found ourselves particularly drawn to the days of 90s tunes, most likely because of the warm fuzzies (and sometimes not soKEEP READING >


The Top 3: Vancouver, Seattle & Portland

It’s always a little sad to see Scott’s clean-shaven face after a great vacation for 2 reasons: 1) I love his stubbly whiskers, and 2) it means play time is over, and work time begins. We’re home again, we had the best time, and I’ve been so lucky to ease back into work with Stumptown coffee (picked up during our travels,KEEP READING >