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An Organized Garage = Happy DIYers (+ a Giveaway!)

Our plans for the garage were a bit of a roller coaster. Initially, we thought we’d hang some hooks, get our bicycles off the floor and call it a day. But then we remembered, ha, this is us!, and considering we seemingly love to add an element of extra work to most things (busted), we thought, but how can we make it a space we really,KEEP READING >


The Week’s End, Super Dogs and a Renegade Preview

Per the norm around these parts, the weekend was a hectic one. What with the Chicago Renegade Fair only a few weeks away (for more information, see the new button on the sidebar over to the right!), the holidays fast approaching and canine eye surgeries to help fund, let’s just say there’s not a lot of time for chillin’KEEP READING >


Nice Caulk!

As homeowners, one task that we tend to put of as long as humanly possible is that of re-caulking the bathtub every few years. No matter how you spin it, this is among the least exciting jobs one can take on. But alas, fair readers, ya gots to do what ya gots to do. Bear with us through the boredom and there just might be a surprise at the end!KEEP READING >


Candy Store Saw

After our recent flood, all of the contents of our then water logged basement were placed into a wetness relocation program. (Get it? Oh, so punny.) Some things made their way to the cozy confines of our office, while some soggy and bulky items were left outside on our semi-secure deck to dry out. Yes, we know you know this. However, one thing weKEEP READING >


Husband for Hire

Keeping in the tradition we started last year with our trip to Nashville, Kim and I will once again spend our anniversary traveling. We’re taking a trip. An awesome trip. We’ll fly into San Francisco, spend a couple days on Fisherman’s Wharf and the like (hey, we’ll be tourists after all), drive down the coast to Big Sur,KEEP READING >


No More Screws Loose.

After the recent revamping of my tool collection and the introduction of the BBOT, I realized that it was finally time for me to accomplish a similar feat with all of the screws, nails, wire nuts, and other fasteners that had been cluttering our lives (and cabinets) for too long. Enter Jo-Ann fabrics, where we were on a mission for some trim (toKEEP READING >