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The Weekender

large art print | X pillow | lumbar fringe pillow | navy pillow | sconce The tides in our home are turning, and this past month has seen some of the biggest changes in a while (hello, guest room!). But last weekend, our new sofa was delivered, and it was true, mad, deep love at first sight. The way that our family lives in this house changed inKEEP READING >


The Weekender + All the Thanks

This week has completely passed us by, and it’s been unconventional in the best possible way. We returned home from Malibu on Saturday, hugged my parents goodbye on Sunday (they kept our home cozy and little Lucy, Jack, CC and Libby happy while we were away), and we celebrated with Domino on Tuesday! In-between, we’ve been preppingKEEP READING >


The Weekender (+ We Need Your Recommendations!)

We’ve been doing as much Michigan-ing as possible, which is partly (okay, probably mostly) due to home projects, partly to soak up all the fall feels. We spent several days last week and over the weekend at Tree House, and the leaves are thisclose to exploding into bright yellows, oranges and reds. The tree tips were starting to shift fromKEEP READING >


The Weekender

the perfect rain jacket | boots | baby carrier We can’t thank you enough for all of the encouragement and enthusiasm you shared with us during our big backyard makeover! So, so many of you sent us messages simply to cheer us on, and that meant a lot to us while we worked those long hours. Yes, we completed the makeover in 3 days, but weKEEP READING >


The Weekender

Our Tree House workflow ebbs and flows, but with a big backyard project coming up and a closet overhaul we’ve been noodling on for weeks, it’s safe to say that we’re back in the thick of it. During the one and a half hour drive from Chicago, I open our to-do list while Scott keeps his eyes on the road, and we talk aboutKEEP READING >


The Weekender

We’re so excited to finally be kicking off a (sometimes) Friday series that we’re calling The Weekender! It’s been at the top of our list for far too long; we wanted a place to talk about anything. Everything. Nothing at all. (Okay, but really, maybe we can talk about the twinklings of a DIY idea, current favorites and thingsKEEP READING >