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The Weekender + an Exciting Announcement!

pendant light | toaster | coffee brewer | soap pumps | hardware Never underestimate the joy that can be found in a pair of matching soap pumps. (One for the hands, one for the fruits and veggies.) I used a manual label maker to tag each one, and I swear, I might’ve done a little jig in the kitchen! After having a mis-matched pair of pumpsKEEP READING >


The Weekender

plaid sheets | shearling floor pillows | sconces | bookcase | framed art During our visit to Tree House last week, we armed ourselves with so. many. samples of Kate Golding wallpaper, and we took to Stories to share our decision making process with you. Wow. You guys! Never have we ever received so much feedback from our Stories, and you gave usKEEP READING >


The Weekender

small light | soap pumps | butter bell | our kitchen | photo via GoochToo This week has felt a lot like a bit of a catch-up after the absolutely insane weather we’ve been receiving! Most of the time, we were wondering what day of the week it was or how long we’d been wearing the same jammies. Despite a near-city-wide shutdown for aKEEP READING >


The Weekender

the sweet beast’s master bedroom How, where do you start when it comes to creating a home that you love? I was struck by the simplicity in Emily’s message on this Instagram post, via the sweet beast. (It’s worth a click.) Essentially, how can you successfully design a room if you don’t center the space around whatKEEP READING >


The Weekender

sectional | coffee table | chair | pouf | lamp | velvet pillows | vintage rug (similar) For the last two years, we’ve been on the hunt for a different television console. We enjoyed the one we had just fine, but after modifying it, painting it and then finally saying goodbye to our navy sofa, the room started to feel so one-note. White,KEEP READING >


The Weekender

coat | boots A very strange, very rare thing happened last weekend: We had time to kill. Us! Killing time! We had spent the handful of days prior at Tree House, wrapping up a project that – for once! – went as scheduled and turned out better than we had expected. (A unicorn project, essentially.) To celebrate, we decided to treatKEEP READING >