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Lucy Is 1!

Lucy’s: high chair | boots Lucy Sun is now a one year old. One! I’m an extremely nostalgic person (almost obnoxiously so, to the point where I can pinpoint exact dates, years and times of a memory by hearing a few notes on the radio or catching the scent of a passerby), and last month, I said to Scott, This is so weird, but I reallyKEEP READING >


2019, We Have Big Plans for You!

Late last year, we put a call out on Instagram to make sure that we continue to deliver posts, tutorials, photos and videos that are truly helpful – and hopefully entertaining? – for our incredible community of readers and viewers. We can’t thank you all enough for your feedback! We heard you and have already taken some big stepsKEEP READING >


How’d We Do, 2018?

Happy New Year, friends! We hope 2019 is treating you well, and just think, it’s already Friday! (These last few days were tough; who’s with us?) 2018 was absolutely packed full of change for us around here. We grew by a count of one tiny human – who turns 1 year old next week! – and we can’t even imagine our livesKEEP READING >


Merry Holidays + Our Favorites

sectional | faux fur throw | sconce | coffee table | chair | curtains + rod | rug (similar) I just re-read our post from one year ago (almost to the day), and I was overcome with a strong surge of warmth and happiness. 2017 was a wild ride, but 2018? 2018 changed us. We met the love of our lives at the top of the year. Somewhere between then andKEEP READING >


A Guide To Traveling (Without Baby!) While Nursing

photo of us by Gooch Too I’m taking a complete detour from our usual DIY talk today, and after receiving so much interest from you, I’m going to dive into the topic of traveling while nursing – without baby. (Friends, I tried to keep this brief, but I’m an over-sharer, ha!) Last month, Scott and I celebrated our 10 yearKEEP READING >


Our Visit To Malibu!

While on our way out the door this week, we ran into our neighbors and they asked us, how was your vacation? I was stumped. What vacation? For the life of me, I couldn’t remember this so-called vacation until Scott reminded me, um, Malibu? Oh, right. It was only a two weeks ago, and yet we’re already back into full swing project mode!KEEP READING >