Monthly Archives: May 2015


Let’s Talk About the Garage!

You want to hear something crazy? We still don’t have our kitchen door. It’s as if this door doesn’t exist at all! Since that frustrating discovery that the first back ordered door wasn’t correct (I can’t even), we’ve been waiting for the second back ordered door for 13 weeks (and counting). We’re betweenKEEP READING >


Exciting New Project! (+ That Garbage Sofa)

When we pulled Jack straight from the city pound 6 years ago, he was a pile of bones. His eyes were sad, and he sat at the back of his crate as we passed him by – several times, actually – to play with and consider the happier, wiggly smaller pups nearby. When we pulled these smooshy, tinier dogs from their cages, however, they wantedKEEP READING >


Displaying Textiles In a Semi-Permanent (but Pretty!) Way

When our friend (and neighbor) Liz started asking us for recommendations on where to get textiles framed, I was curious to see what she was framing. We agreed to a lunch date so I could check out the subject, and before I knew it, I was committing to making her one using our usual go-to method, if only because framing something of this size wouldKEEP READING >


OPI On the Porch + a Giveaway!

Right after we planted Round Two of our baby garden, it started to rain – and rain and rain and rain. Our garden is going nuts (yeah!), but with the rain came cold weather, and so we find ourselves wishing and hoping that one day – someday soon! – we can enjoy our front porch for the season. Oh, Chicago, didn’t you knowKEEP READING >


The Garden, Year Two

Last summer was the season of curb appeal for us. After the worst winter of all time in 2013 (well, we think so anyway), our manageable, short to-do for 2014 quickly spiraled, and like most Chicagoans, we were eager to make the most of the warm summer months. We poured new concrete, built new stairs, painted and stained the front porch,KEEP READING >


The Workshop, Ready to Shop!

If you can believe it – which, of course you can! – the workshop is finished before we can say the same about our kitchen. We had been sort of joking all along that it could happen, but we didn’t think it’d actually be the case. (In related news, door, get here.) In all fairness, this has been the quickest room in ourKEEP READING >