Monthly Archives: December 2014


Merry, Merry

As this year comes to a close, we’re turning our full attention towards soaking in every last holiday minute. There will be shopping dates, longer-than-usual dinners (accompanied by larger glasses of wine) and lazy afternoon naps. (Well, maybe.) We’re looking forward to overdue family visits and dates with friends – and yet, whoKEEP READING >


Let’s Go Stone Shopping

Aside from our kitchen cabinet color (we both quickly agreed on white for uppers and lowers), there was one other big decision that would help the rest of the aesthetics fall into place – countertops! We know that almost all of the finishes in the kitchen will be neutral (think: black + white), and for such a large investment in our home,KEEP READING >


Ship, Ship, Hooray!

I’m officially in the painting-home-stretch, and all of your time-sensitive portraits are now patiently in waiting under your trees! This year, the holiday season has felt… different. It’s been a little less panicked, a little more jolly, and all of the Vargos are feeling more festive than usual. Perhaps it’s because thisKEEP READING >


Winterizing the Entry

Now that the weather is cold and wet, Scott and I were determined to give our entryway a solution to stash drippy shoes and hide extra dog supplies within reach of the front door (such as towels and scarves). We wanted things to stay simple and tidy, and most importantly, we wanted to spend as little as possible. Enter Skar, take 2! You mightKEEP READING >


Three Things from the Warehouse

Last week, Scott stumbled across an ad for a Mid-century Modern warehouse sale way south on Western Ave. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, assuming there’d be a big long line around the building, only to arrive 5 minutes after opening and find that we were two of, oh, maybe six people! Better safe than sorry, because we totallyKEEP READING >


Kitchen Follow-Up + What’s Next

Everyone, thank you! We loved that you were so vocal about All Things Kitchen last week, and you gave us so much to think about – from pull-out drawers to windows to islands and soffits (my goodness, the soffits!). Over the weekend, we prepped the space for our soon-to-be pocket door by removing the existing storage room door (aka the firstKEEP READING >