Monthly Archives: July 2014


Two Pairs of Chairs

So far, summer has been knocking it out of the park with yard sales! Most recently, we’ve been on a very serious, very daily hunt for a pair of chairs. I’ll absolutely admit that we have a chair problem (I believe I need to use two hands just to make note of all chairs we have stashed in each room!), but the bigger problem is thatKEEP READING >


DIY Giant Frames for Your Dinosaurs (+ $100!)

With the recent addition of our streamlined gallery wall in the living room’s gap, we’ve been itching to add something large – very large! – above our velvet sofa. Not wanting the room to feel overly cluttered with our already vibrant rug (and the opposing wall’s art round up), we’d been tossing around a handfulKEEP READING >


Fence Day!

When we were first introduced to our home at the showing, we were immediately greeted by our neighbor’s dog – but it wasn’t, um, the friendliest hello. It scared the pants right off of me (well, not really!), and it has continued to do so for every friend (and passerby) that walks up to our front gate. The problem was that to theKEEP READING >


Appliances: Stainless Steel vs. White

Let’s say one of your kitchen appliances died. And let’s say – oh, I don’t know! – it’s the fridge. You had to make a decision to not only buy used (again) or buy new, but you’ve also realized that you had the freedom to choose any finish you liked! Stainless! White! Black! (Blue!) In an attempt to salvageKEEP READING >


Filling the Gap + an Art Filled Giveaway!

Even though we’ve been knee deep in exterior upgrades, our living room has been coming along, too! All of the trim is complete in this room (paint and everything!), interior door knobs are being installed, our ceiling fan has been getting a lot of use (worth every second of search agony; we promise!), and most recently – we’veKEEP READING >


The Great White Fan Debate

When Scott and I closed on our condo waaay back in 2007, we were given a teeny, tiny credit to purchase lighting for the home. It had been recently rehabbed, and as the owner’s first occupants, they threw us a bone, so to speak, by allowing us to pick out our very own lighting with a very small budget. At the time, we picked out a few IkeaKEEP READING >