Monthly Archives: June 2014


Our Baby Garden

There are times when starting with a blank slate can be downright terrifying. Even more so? Combining ‘blank slate’ with ‘garden.’ With these two, that’s not only terrifying, but almost laughable. But! Spoiler alert – we survived (with a lot of help!) and have a teeny, baby garden to show for it. Let’sKEEP READING >


Chicago + Chairish + $100

With those backwards steps we took in our funny little nook, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect reading chair. Comfortable. Cushy. Curl-up-able. I’ve been keeping my eyes wide open and shooting Scott links when “I’ve found The One!,” only to read through reviews and see that it’s too stiff, too tiny or tooKEEP READING >


DIY Reality + A Small Step Backwards

Here’s the thing. If we weren’t constantly in full blown install-all-the-baseboards mode, I have a feeling that we’d be much, much farther along on our front porch and overall curb appeal (which, right now, is still non-existent. Better, but lacking!). In reality, however, these baseboards are taking forever. Forever! We startedKEEP READING >


5 Years Old + Ask Anything

Our little corner of the web turns 5 this week! When we hit publish on our very first post five years ago, we couldn’t imagine where that may put us in the future; where would be in a year? two years? ten? Today, I’m writing about our blog birthday from our home studio – the (still very shabby) second studio in our big bear of aKEEP READING >


New York + (New) Family

While we were out, Scott and I spent the world’s fastest few days in New York – first in a suburb of the city, then a handful of nights in Manhattan. As it always seems to go, our time there was way, way too short, but it was long enough to give us that much needed break from front-porch-planning, laptops, work talk and baseboardsKEEP READING >


Let There Be (Outdoor) Light!

If it hasn’t been incredibly obvious over the last handful of updates, we’ve really been focusing on our house’s exterior – and my goodness, the power of paint! And new concrete! And well made stairs! (Can you tell we’re thrilled to nix the baseboard talk; if only for a little while?) After all of those largerKEEP READING >