Monthly Archives: April 2014


DIY Outdoor Gate (+ a Giveaway!)

I feel as though I keep saying this, but spring is sort-of-kind-of finally here in Chicago! (One day it’s 40, the next day it’s 70.) We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors making endless decisions about the baseboards (yup, still!), but over the weekend, we took advantage of a sunny day – albeit, a 40 degree one –KEEP READING >


Love for Mom

True story: After adopting Jack over 5 years ago, Scott surprised me with a super sweet, super cute Mother’s Day card; you know, for being the mother of our three (now four!) fuzzy kids and all. Is that bizarre? A little. Does it put us in the crazy-pet-people category? You bet! But I absolutely loved it. If you’re still on the huntKEEP READING >


Funny Little Console

After we painted our nook green, we worked on setting up storage for our records, laying down a new (old) rug, and it’s also the home of our yellow chair (although we’re on the hunt for something more nap-inducing!). Everything was okay for now, but we’d yet to find a console for our turntable. For the first few weeks, our recordKEEP READING >


Entryway Progress

… Lots and lots of progress. Actually, let me just make it clear right now – the entryway isn’t done; no. But it is getting there! We’ve been working for a seemingly huge chunk of time on the foyer baseboards, and with so many funny angles, uneven walls, and a lot of problem solving (wait, how should this meet with theKEEP READING >


The (Week and) Week’s End

It’s been far too long since I’ve photographed our weekend (or in this case, our week, too!), and with our friend Kalli visiting from Los Angeles this past week, it was the perfect reason to get back into the habit. Well, that, and the warm weather we’ve been having! It’s always so good to see her – the visits are farKEEP READING >


Surviving the Flat Packed Box

The corner of the studio across from my (sad) desk had been a mis-matched balancing act for far too long (since last July; but who’s counting?). My rolling, stackable file bin was perfect for my old studio due to space constraints, but my need for an actual file cabinet returned with every frustrating frenzy to find a document – onlyKEEP READING >