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Today Is Yours (and 3 Things)

ONE. The above print is a reproduction of one of my all-time favorite works of art in the city; I’ve snapped countless photos of it on my phone, and you might remember it from this post, too. You can see it as an enormous installation at the train station (the California blue line stop in Logan Square), hand painted by local artist RyanKEEP READING >


Pink Varde

Before installing the salvaged wood shelves, I put together the Varde knowing that once the hard part was over (because yes, building it was more difficult than giving it a new look!), I could get to the┬ábest part. And because it’s so large, I had to build, paint and protect it all within the workroom itself (it will fit through the door,KEEP READING >



Moving from a barely 700 sq foot condo to an over 2,000 sq foot house, we knew we’d have some space to fill. Like, a lot of space (a guest room! A larger studio! A laundry room!). For the longest time, the most common question we received from friends after move in was, dude, where’s all your stuff? To which we had to explain, um, thisKEEP READING >


DIY Salvaged Wood Shelves In 10 Steps

For such a teeny space, the studio workroom is taking a little longer to pull together than I thought it would. Most of the odds and ends needed for the room have been ordered, but I still have some basket-buying and crate-wrangling to do to keep everything organized. The good news though? The Varde has been put together – and now, we haveKEEP READING >


When the Boss Gives You the Afternoon Off…

Last week, Scott and I were both having a sort of ‘off’ day (well, more me than Scott!), and since I was being highly unproductive with work, I asked my boss (aka: me) if I could take the afternoon off. She almost never says yes, so color me surprised when she agreed (ha!). Scott – having caught his second wind, of course –KEEP READING >


Puppy Bath Time + $100 Ace Giveaway!

At the tail end of last year, Scott and I participated in Ace Hardware‘s first ever Blogger Panel – which, by the way, was a blast. Working with the company – a local one at that! – was an amazing opportunity to test drive their Clark+Kensington paint line, a handful of new-to-us tools (hello, paint sprayer!) and talk shopKEEP READING >