Monthly Archives: February 2014


Flor, Take Two

I suppose we’ve been on a bit of a cleaning frenzy. Going back to what I said earlier this week, we’re trying to be mindful of balancing a few things: sanity vs. productiveness and spending money vs. free right now.  So, you know what’s (mostly) free? Cleaning! We cleaned the negative energy out of our home (which, by the way,KEEP READING >


Chimney Sweep, Sort Of.

When working on a house this old, it’s so easy to get distracted and want to do all the things!, and it’s equally easy to question the order in which to do so. You all know that our lack of baseboards in the entryway (and living room and studio) are driving this girl right up a wall, and while we keep saying, it’s next on ourKEEP READING >


Vittsjo Refined

The purpose for our nook: Sit. Relax. Enjoy music. We knew this would be our funny little room to play our records (man, we‘ve really been missing our records!), read a good book and hang with the pets. A few readers mentioned here that they could totally see our girls sneaking into this room, baking in the sun and leaving only in theKEEP READING >


Burn & Cleanse

As some of you had gathered from this seemingly unassuming post on baseboards, the last handful of weeks for this little family has seen some rocky patches. We don’t tend to air our grievances here on the blog (unless it’s the ups and downs of DIY), simply because we see this virtual home of ours as a happy place. Yes, we’veKEEP READING >


Satellite + A Schoolhouse Giveaway!

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Congrats to Jen (entry #1650) and a huge thank you to Schoolhouse Electric for hosting! It’s official. We have light! Way back when we gave you the first tour of the house, you might have noticed that the majority of our ceiling fixtures were chandeliers – all of the same glass variety.KEEP READING >


Media Makeover

Over the last couple of weeks, our monstrosity of a temporary media setup had finally got the best of us. Kim was tired of looking at three gigantic (although fantastic sounding) speakers (okay, me too!), and we were both tired of craning our necks to look up at the television screen perched precariously on top of the center speaker. We decidedKEEP READING >