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Surviving and Thriving in 2013

Some close friends of ours always joke with us that if our lives had a soundtrack, it would be “The Flight of the Bumblebee” on repeat. Forever. Admittedly, we often have a hard time relaxing, but we couldn’t imagine our lives any other way. 2013 began with our realization that Chicago was, actually, our home sweet home, and theKEEP READING >


XO, The Christmas Elf

The merriest of days from our family to yours! XO.KEEP READING >


The Week’s End

For the last handful of years around Christmas, we play a game of tourists in the city; we book a hotel downtown for a weekend, and we do whatever we’d like, whenever we’d like. We walked slowly, with no rush or reason to speed past others on the city sidewalks, we hopped in and out of stores, resting on big, cozy couches to recoup,KEEP READING >


The Finished Table

With Chicago weather being a bear lately (go outside? No, thank you!), we kicked it into high gear around the house this past weekend. In addition to drywall patching and painting the foyer, I snuck in coats of stain and poly to finally finish off our dining room table! The untreated 2x6s were way to precious as they were, untouched, for the lastKEEP READING >


Our First Painted Room!

Well, the foyer counts as a room, doesn’t it? This story starts with a few almost-meltdowns at the hardware store, crunching too many numbers by the 1/16 of inches, and realizing that, in the end, our gut was right from the beginning (isn’t that always the case?). Our goal was to achieve two things: ONE) Patch in the missing baseboardKEEP READING >


Last Day for Holiday Shipping

The identities above have been concealed as part of the highly secure Pet Shop protection programĀ  – but fret not! For now, they lay safely under trees, tied up with bows, and come Christmas Day, they will rest easy in the homes of their persons. The last handful of pets crossed my painting table this week, and those, too, will soon be inKEEP READING >