Monthly Archives: September 2013


Hello, Door.

Okay, first: The contractors. Let’s just put this out there – this waiting game is no fun. We’ve talked about our feelings on being stunted, and every day is a new wave of emotions; sometimes we’re all yeah, we’re going to kick so much ass this weekend!, whereas other days we’d rather sleep in, curse ourKEEP READING >


The Attic Window: Blockormore

Have you ever heard the term blockormore? (Or as Kim would call it, the Monet?) Looks good from far, but far from good? We’re trying to avoid that syndrome as much as possible around the new digs, but there are certain projects where looking good from street-level is all we’re striving for. Let me explain. When we had our big,KEEP READING >


A Little Mexico + Kazoo

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since Mexico (well, not that hard; we’ve been busy bees), but even more so, it’s been a long while since we’ve added new giclée prints to The Print Shop. That changes… now! This week, we added 2 snaps from our few days in Playa del Carmen – Mexico #1 and Mexico #2KEEP READING >


The Great Door, Revisited (And Getting the Lead Out)

This weekend, we revisited our coat closet door; the door that taught us so many life lessons. When we purchased it from our local architectural salvage, we were told that it was old (obviously), and we could see that there were 2, maybe 3 layers of paint we’d need to strip off. We wanted to go much darker (navy or black; more on that afterKEEP READING >


These Old Pipes

Our house was built in 1887, making our most recent baby 126-years-old. We absolutely love the romantic idea of fixing up our turn-of-the-century home (we often wonder about the house’s first owners – what furniture they owned, what they wore and how they talked [all proper like, obviously]), and with every Demo Day came fun, newKEEP READING >


The Pet Shop Turns 3! (And a Celebration for You)

A life changing – yes, really – thing happened in 2008. As a tiny birthday token, I painted for Scott a mini portrait of a pup, shared this with you (a whole year later), and then quietly (very quietly, shh), began taking word of mouth orders. These orders – mostly from friends and family – turned into reader requests,KEEP READING >