Monthly Archives: August 2013


From Cart to Island (aka DIY Tabletop)

Remember our trip to Jubilee where we picked up 4 new-to-us furniture pieces for the home? And remember how they all needed a little love (in one way or another)? Over the weekend, we tackled the first of the four, raising that old media cart to counter height and installing a faux butcher block top of sorts. Now, we have extra counter space! OurKEEP READING >


(Not So) Small Victories

Let’s start by saying that we’ve officially been living in our home for just over one month – one month of no ceilings, still-out-of-boxes, and very much in limbo-living. While our contractors were able to lift our second floor / raise our first floor ceiling joists, we’ve been in a holding pattern until they can return andKEEP READING >


The Great Door Hunt of 2013

When wrapping our brains around the reconfiguration of our house’s entryway, we knew that there were two big things we needed to take care of: ONE, get those walls down (check!) and TWO, add storage. After working with our architect-turned-friend-turned-home-therapist Nancy, we knew it made the most sense to reverse the sun nook’sKEEP READING >


Painted: Sepperl

With the studio being completely bare – well, except for the new buffet and my teeny, tiny desk (it looks like a dollhouse desk in this room!) – it’s been a challenge to stay continually inspired. Right now, all I want to do is bang on walls, pick paint colors, lay down a massive, colorful rug and make a ridiculously enormousKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

As a reward for a job well done within Scott’s company, we were flown to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for an extra long weekend. (We know; we’re still pinching ourselves.) I consumed so many pineapples (boozy and otherwise), that I’m surprised I didn’t grow a prickly top before returning home! We rested, we played, we walkedKEEP READING >


The Second Floor Landing

Once we had the entryway floors pulled up, we were ready to move onto Phase 2 of Weekend Project – demolish that second floor landing! When we showed you the floor plans for the house, we weren’t sure if it would be in our budget to take down the wall that partitioned the second floor from the first; then again, what is our budgetKEEP READING >