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The Thing Is…

There are so many things that go into making this a livable home that, quite honestly, are just not exciting. Especially since this is a home that was once used as a rental property for the last 20-some years. Because our house wasn’t owned by the seller himself (at least, this is our theory), we’ve found that many of the projectsKEEP READING >


Partition? Down. AstroTurf? Up.

First! Ten million thank yous to our wonderful, gracious house guests: Kalli, Julia, Jillian, Heather, Rob, Jodi, Meg, Rex and Julie (whew!). We sincerely hope you enjoyed “meeting” some of our closest friends and blog favorites. We couldn’t have gotten as much done as we did without them, and for that, we owe ’em. BigKEEP READING >


Loving: Portland

We first met Portlanders Julie and Brian last summer when we stayed at le Hotel Chuckleberry (their rescued Pittie) during our Northwest adventure. Yes, that’s right – we didn’t meet them until we slept in their spare room (and recently, they stayed with us!). Fortunately, the stars aligned, we became a fearsome foursome, and weKEEP READING >


Loving: San Francisco

Last year, our newly engaged friends Rex and Cat packed up their Chicago apartment and moved across the country to San Francisco. I cried, Cat cried, and Rex and Scott shared a hug (but I like to think they were crying inside, obvs). We couldn’t be happier for their new adventure, but man, we miss those two (and their snarfy Boston Terrier,KEEP READING >


Loving: Chicago

Just like us, Meg lives in Chicago (Logan Square, too!) and writes about crafts, home, DIY and, in her words, sh*t that anyone can do (and we appreciate that). You can find her at Radical Possibility, but really, you should start with her recent side table makeover. Ahh-mazing. I have many friends who live outside of Chicago who regularly sayKEEP READING >


Loving: Brooklyn

Hailing from Brooklyn, Jodi is one of those girls that I was lucky enough to meet in person through the big, bad blogosphere. (A quick email exchange, and a noon lunch date was in the works!) After a too-short lunch, I confirmed that, yes – yes, she’s awesome. You can find Jodi on her blog, but may we suggest following her onKEEP READING >