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Tray Shmay, Take Two

After Scott gave our thrifted silver tray a good polishing – twice – with no end to our tarnishing troubles in sight, we asked (pleaded) for your help. And not surprisingly, you all came through with some pretty sound advice. From sharing your own woes (we obviously had no idea that our little thrifted find would be so obnoxious) toKEEP READING >


Help Wanted: The Print Shop

Congrats to Kaitlin and Anna Kristina, the two winners of a $25 print credit towards the Print Shop! We’re no longer taking comment entries, but please feel free to keep pinning your favorites. Your input means so much to us! We first started our Week’s End posts as a personal challenge to start enjoying our days off more fully, sayingKEEP READING >


About That End Table

Not long ago, we picked up a pair of peacocks and an end table – this much you already know. When Susan told me she had something that could work, she sent me a photo, I confirmed with Scott, and we agreed that yes, it does work. It’s as deep as our couch (everything else we came up against was too square), not too wide, and tallKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

Since we spent our Christmas weekend in Cincinnati with Scott’s family (and Christmas Day here in Chicago), we packed up last Thursday and spent a long weekend visiting my family in Pittsburgh. It was the perfect time to do so, as the hockey season kicked off this past Saturday, and we were able to watch our team (win!) in a funKEEP READING >


Balance. For Now, Anyway.

On the first day of this year, we talked about what’s next. We feel a transition coming on in this family, and that has us moving and flowing in a different way, day by day. We’re moving towards our next big dream, talking with a realtor and carefully dancing around the possibilities of a bigger, cushier couch (for us), cozy nooks (forKEEP READING >


Peacock Jackpot

After declaring our living room done! – even without the end tables that we just couldn’t seem to track down – we received an email from Susan of Jubilee Furniture (our favorite second-hand furniture heaven; if you’re in the Chicagoland area, go!). After scouring her store’s inventory, she lured us in with promises ofKEEP READING >