Monthly Archives: September 2012


Giveaway: Row Boat Press

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thanks to all who participated! You may know how much we love our pals Rick and Amber at Row Boat Press (so much so that we’ve partnered with them in the past here and here, and we have their art prints all over our bedroom), so when they asked if we wanted to give you more stuff, we said, yes,KEEP READING >


Pretty DIY Notecards

After our adventures in the PNW, we came home with a lot to be thankful for. We were so lucky to spend time with friends both old and new, and our silly dinner conversations, cupcake eating and (let’s be honest) drunken, playful nights together will forever be the starts of later conversations such as, remember when we…? Although manyKEEP READING >


The Most Exciting Thing You Will Read.

Let’s take a moment to talk about something very exciting – blinds! What, that’s not exciting to you? Yeah, us either. But it’s funny, because for something so very, very un-exciting, we sure did spend a boat load of time on the topic. Like, months. And I wish we were kidding. (Of course, we did have a few moments where ourKEEP READING >


The City Flea

While we were in Cincinnati over the past weekend, we were thrilled to find out The City Flea would be going on at the same time. I’ve been following the Flea founder, Lindsay, on her blog for a few months now, and when I realized our weekends would collide… well, I practically spit out my morning coffee. A pop-up flea market! Yes, ohKEEP READING >


Lucky Winner: The Pet Shop

We had so much fun reading through all the reasons why your pet is the tops. From the best cuddlebugs to the “snorkles” and plastic bag licking, blissed out head pats and smittens (smoochable kittens, love that), you’ve reassured us that you’re just as nuts about your pets as we are about ours. But because we’veKEEP READING >


Watson the Cat

A few weekends ago, Scott and I enjoyed an afternoon at the summer Renegade Craft Fair. But for the first time ever, we came home empty handed. Yes, we fell in love with countless items as we always do, but we persevered through the Fair, knowing we didn’t quite need anything. That’s how we remembered it, but when you’re in anKEEP READING >