Monthly Archives: July 2012


The Lake House

Over the last weekend and the better half of the week prior, Scott and I dodged town and headed north. Together with our Chicago family, we spent our days on the northern tip of Michigan’s mitten in Burt Lake – taking over Grandma’s cabin with our bottles of sunscreen, jars of local jams and chocolate bars for nightly smores.KEEP READING >


The Donut Shop

Along with our living room tweaks will come some fresh, new art for the walls. We’ve had the same portraits and prints leaning on our shelves for the last few years, and (surprise, surprise) we’re itching for a shake up. We fell for these fun, quirky donuts at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, made with love by hometown artist,KEEP READING >


Canning Paint

Working in such tight quarters with a few fuzzy co-workers, while fun (and yes, I talk to them all the time), can pose challenges in cleanliness. I like my studio fur-free, so we vacuum almost daily, and before punching out, I usually take a damp cloth to wipe everything down. The biggest challenge, however, are the walls. While Scott and I areKEEP READING >


When It’s Too Expensive, DIY (a Keyboard Tray)

Like almost every room in our home, over time, we find that there are things we need, things we didn’t need after all, and, of course, things we’d like to have. But no matter what, we always find ourselves needing a solution for just a smidge more space. As you can imagine, the studio was no exception. Even if I’m not painting,KEEP READING >


The Week’s End

After a long week for both of us and working later than I’d like to admit on Friday evening, Scott and I exhaustingly pushed each others’ buttons – poking and huffing over little, nit-picky things. We can see this clearly now, but at the time, we were pissed at each other. In his attempt to start the night over and kick theKEEP READING >


(The Printer Isn’t) Trapped in the Closet

A few months ago, I revamped my closet as one of the first steps toward completing Kim’s Stu-Stu-Studio makeover. Things went very well at first, but I slowly realized that while the bones were good, it would need some tweaking. In all honesty, things had gone downhill pretty quickly. Jump forward a few months, and as the studio progressed,KEEP READING >