Monthly Archives: June 2012


The Commencement

When I began college almost 12 years ago, I was pretty sure that I’d come out of the other side as a painter with a degree. The degree, yes, but the painter? Technically, no. After going through the grueling initiation of foundation art classes the first year (a required stepping stone, after which you had the freedom to concentrate onKEEP READING >


Venetian to Roman

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the stu-stu-studio, and shame on us for never officially showing you the final outcome! Yes, you’ve seen one half of the room when we debuted grandma’s chair, and you saw the other side when we installed our shelves, but the room as a whole? (Crickets.) I kept telling Scott, justKEEP READING >


The Family

During our recent Pet Shop overhaul, we decided it was about time we snagged recent snaps of this duo, considering most of our photos together were taken on blurry, hazy nights in photo booths. We love a good booth as much as you (you’ve seen our bathroom collection, right?), but we wanted something breezy and bright for our team page, andKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

We hit the last work week hard. Scott had more than a handful of 4am wake-ups (I cringe!), and we acted as adults for an afternoon, discussing retirement with our accountants. To counteract the grown-up have-tos, we spent the last few days de-stressing. We ate heavy, sugary donuts for breakfast, watched live music in the park, and spent more timeKEEP READING >


Patio Season

Our patio has been complete for a few weeks now (those pillows were the last to do), but we’ve been nit picking ever since. For an outdoor space that comes in under 8’x10′ – it’s actually a similar size to our infamous studio (that we still need to share!) – we like to think we packed in more function this timeKEEP READING >



Before launching The Pet Shop v.2 last Friday morning, I was scared. I was scared that we’d pushed ourselves so hard, we’d worked late into countless evenings – and what if we hear crickets? This was not the case (how many ways can we thank you?), and while it’s easy to see now, we were scared because it was new; it wasKEEP READING >