Monthly Archives: May 2012


Give a Hoot

We spent a short day and a half in Cincinnati over the holiday weekend, making the rounds cuddling our best friends’ babies, lounging poolside and brunching with family. As we usually do, we made a point to hit the Kellogg flea on Saturday morning (always a favorite, seen here). The charm in the un-curated collection of booths (a starkKEEP READING >


Why We Still Love Our Chalkboard(s)

It makes for a great bartender. Using inspiration from Anchor B, I spent a little too much time on my cursive letters (I’d be lying if I said it was easy), and while I’ve certainly seen better, it did make for a fun “bar” set up during our holiday barbecue. Scott surprised me by getting in on the chalky action, too. As ourKEEP READING >


Boxed In: Part 2

Boom! Flower boxes are complete and planted! (See part 1 right here.) We couldn’t be happier with the results. Feast your eyes on this: …But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Here’s a quick reminder of the sad state of our patio just a couple short weekends ago. We like natural wood tones as much as the nextKEEP READING >


Yarn Art: Say Aloha

My girl, Kalli, continues to inspire us with her creative vision. I’ve shared parts of her sunny LA home with you in the past and the (literal) pinboard she gifted us over the holidays – and together, we’ve shared our snaps while skipping around southern California this past winter. So when I saw her latest art installation, IKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

As a 30th birthday present, Scott got me a penguin. (A penguin encounter, really, but still.) It’s been a meeting thirty years in the making, and it has since been added to my list of Kim’s Life: Top 10 – alongside getting married to my dreamy man and the back-to-back Stanley Cup wins in the early nineties for those otherKEEP READING >


Boxed In: Part 1

Our patio will be awesome this year. There Рwe said it. We will step our game up like never before and disallow the hail storms, late starts, or basement floods (God forbid) of yore to slow us down. Our ambitious goal for the year involves a complete makeover, including the construction of custom flower boxes to more than double ourKEEP READING >