Monthly Archives: August 2011


A Sudsy Update

As we mixed the third batch for our DIY Suds, we realized that (shame!) we should have been keeping you updated. Because, well, that’s 3 batches since February. And with each re-occurring batch, we spend nothing but a buck for the Fels Naptha soap. So, that would mean we’ve spent a total of $12 on laundry soap since last winter (and weKEEP READING >



Ah, the ottoman. That is to say, our man, Otto. He’s finished! Hallelujah, praise above, and yadda yadda. Since we first mentioned him right here, it’s been well over a month, and goodness knows we took our sweet, slow time. The last time you actually saw the silly thing, it was looking like this: Of course projects have taken muchKEEP READING >


The (Week and) Week’s End

We spent the previous weekend and week in sunny Amelia Island with Scott’s mom and pops. I did absolutely nothing (laying in the sun all day counts for nada), while my man and his dad caught fish every morning for their lunch. Nights included frequenting local haunts for drinks, ice cream, and great people watching, and when morningKEEP READING >


Be Our Guest: 4 Men 1 Lady

Last (but not least) in our guest line up comes from Michelle of 4 men 1 lady. With Scott being one of three brothers, I’m often intrigued by the chaos that must have been his mom’s life – I might have asked him how his mother came out as sane and sweet as she is, you know, with three boys and the dude I call my father-in-lawKEEP READING >


Be Our Guest: Hernando House

The lovely Cait of Hernando House stays busy, busy while transforming her first house into that thing we all strive for – a place to call home. (Aw, cheesy lines, we heart you.) We enjoy following along, picking up tips, ideas, and who’da thoughts along the way, so of course we’re flattered she’s here to join us today! HeyKEEP READING >


Be Our Guest: Mommy Needs a Minute

I’ve no idea how I came across Mommy Needs a Minute almost year ago, but holy shmoly, I was instantly hooked. Erica’s unique voice and easy writing style had me laughing, literally, out loud from the start, and her account of daily life, musings, and overall misadventures often times hit close to home. Bizarre, considering I’m aKEEP READING >