Monthly Archives: June 2011


No More Dim Deck

For the last three summers, I’ve been trying to convince Kim that we needed some auxiliary lighting out on the patio. Currently, we’ve only got one large security/flood lamp that we can’t control ourselves, since all of the exterior building lighting is set to a timer. I mentioned that some cheap cafe lights would be an easy wayKEEP READING >


Rosemary Chicken Burgers

This recipe is no secret, as it was just featured in the latest (and last, oh no!) issue of ReadyMade magazine. However, recipes come and go – some are good, some are bad, some get filed in the archives with other amazing must-eats, and some get tossed in the waste bin with not so much of a sayonara. Here’s the deal. This one got filedKEEP READING >


On Turning Two, Part 2: It’s Personal

We tackled the easy stuff about our casa and city in part I, right here. But you wanted to know more about us, so let’s get personal, yeah? Q: I’d like to know how you and your honey met. Spill it! Kim: It was summer. I was with a friend, and we had just gotten off work together (we worked the late shift at a hotel in Cincinnati). Naturally,KEEP READING >


On Turning Two, Part 1: Around the Home

In honor of our virtual casa turning two last week, we thought it’d be fun to formally open the floor on what’s got you thinking. We’re often asked questions in the form of email and comments, but it was a fun change of pace divulging on your tidbits and quirks – while returning the favor. And with the wide variety ofKEEP READING >


For Those Hairy Situations

We’re always a little surprised when we get asked where’s the hair? You know, in reference to those four-legged kiddos of ours.  Whether we’re asked by readers or friends (and most recently, in the comments right here), we must admit that we think our solutions are pretty simple. And, dudes, we do have hair. We’re just likeKEEP READING >


Oh, Sweet Friday (and Chicken Foot!)

Have you ever played Chicken Foot (a.k.a. Mexican Train, Chickie dominoes, etc.)? After a few pals visited a month ago and introduced the amazing-ness that is Chicken Foot, we’ve been totally hooked. Like, every friendly gathering starts with who has the dominoes? Of course, Jack loves any excuse to have all his favorite people around ourKEEP READING >