Monthly Archives: May 2011


Frog Dog

To the dog owners, lovers, and enthusiasts alike: does this make you laugh as much as it does us? While it’s fairly common for your pup to relax in such an amusing manner, could you imagine if the cats in the world follow suit? That would be a funny, happy day.KEEP READING >


City Hopping (and a Hunk of Wood)

As briefly mentioned last Friday, we spent this past weekend relaxing – and eating and celebrating and a whole lotta walking. For real, all our wandering and dancing has left me with sore soles and aching dogs, so to speak. A childhood friend’s wedding in Baltimore brought us and a few pals out east (hi, Jill and Kat!), and we tookKEEP READING >


I’ll-Do-It-Myself Tablecloth

We haven’t gotten very far on our patio pimping. Aside from a possible candle dish and our pillows of yore, the lack of sun and warmth have made things a bit difficult – but I refuse to let rainy days and gray skies tell me what I can’t do. No flowers have been planted just yet, but accessories and material stuff? Well, that IKEEP READING >


Prints, Fleas and Friday

It’s thisclose to the weekend, and I’m practically floating because I am excited. Like, holy schmoly, omg, it’s almost Saturday! And then it’ll be Sunday! And while that’s pretty obvious, we’re looking forward to a lovely weekend planned with some of our closest friends, and we’re scrambling to wrap up allKEEP READING >


I Killed It.

Dear Terrarium Dino Battle, In the immortal words of The Band, “My biggest mistake was loving you too much.” My normal plant watering regimen equates to the philosophy that water = love.  I generally pour in as much love as I think our flora can handle, then allow the excess love to run out the drainage holes in the bottom of theKEEP READING >



Courtesy of World Market’s ten-dolla birthday gift delivered straight to my inbox. How handsome will he be holding up a group of tea lights? Or a single pillar candle? (Ooh yeah, moody patio.) Or car keys and pocket change? Or, or (!) wouldn’t he be the cutest kitty-kibble dish you ever did see? (It’s just too bad our kiddosKEEP READING >