Monthly Archives: February 2011


And Now, a Recipe.

When our friend Arielle said she found a cookie recipe that required a team effort approach – for the bowl licking, of course – we couldn’t agree fast enough. And while the whole point is to share the recipe with you, I have to confess that we didn’t even have the main ingredient on hand. More on that later. And actually,KEEP READING >


Sorry, Mom.

Our subversive cross stitch has been in our home for years (a unique gift from a close pal – thanks, Jill!), but a new spot changes everything. During a pre-spring cleaning frenzy, we moved this from a high shelf in the living room to our kitchen counter. Since the new rotation, I’ve been catching the cheeky phrase from the corner ofKEEP READING >


Cutting the Cable

Remember waaay back in 2010 (you know, all of two months ago), when we promised to re-evaluate our financial obligations in the early months of this current year? Well, the $140 Comcast cable and internet bills finally got to us, and we’re sticking to our guns on this one. In all honesty, there are a few shows we that we couldn’tKEEP READING >


Cameo or Bust!

To be honest, we didn’t technically know what they were called when we found them at one of our favorite antique markets. This particular merchant was closing up business, pushing everything out of his booth for 90% off. A few records were propped against the wall, an old floral chair sat alone, and these two ladies were hung on the wallKEEP READING >


From Apples to Storage(s)

Over Christmas weekend (I know, we’re jumping back here), Kim and I took a trip with the folks to downtown Cincy for some coffee and a trip to Historic Findlay Market. We were on a mission for some high quality bacon to make the ultimate mega-BLTs for lunch, but the moment we walked through the door, this rustic apple crate caught our eyeKEEP READING >


The Inheritance

Possibly better than a million billion dollars, when my Gram moved outta her Pittburgh home into a down-sized (and super cute) condo, you may remember that I inherited some of her wonderful, original, old-timey and absolutely fantastic stuff. It started with a manila envelope overflowing with my old drawings, photo albums and cards, to a handfulKEEP READING >