Monthly Archives: January 2011


Found, Framed, and (Finally) Out There

A long, long time ago (as in, maybe last summer), Scott found this frame in the trash. Sad, really, because it’s an actual oil painting, and for some reason, I just can’t fathom how people could toss art so freely. (Although, I’ll fully admit that this could be the result of years of studio lock down and no matter how much IKEEP READING >


Oh, Sweet Friday

Thank jeebs, it’s Friday again. Eee! There’s just something about 5 o’clock on this day that makes you feel so dang free. For that one minute, you’ve got nothing but time ahead of you, and hopefully a good one, too. While not exactly Friday related (but we’ll get there), I found this older photo of the kids whenKEEP READING >


Giveaway: Row Boat Press

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thank you to all who participated! It may be hump day (we still call it that, right?), but we’ve got a great way to bust that mid-week work slump. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the awesome folks at Row Boat Press have stepped up to the plate, and they’re ready to giveKEEP READING >


Sittin’ Pretty

One of the many perks of my wacky job as a rep for an industrial uniform company is that I get to see into the back rooms of every type of business imaginable. (What, you didn’t know that’s what I do?) So imagine my surpriseĀ a few weeks back when I walked into the shop of a diesel mechanic and saw this little beauty. I know. Skin deep,KEEP READING >


Prints, Lately

It should come as no surprise that Scott and I kind of has this, um, addiction, for small art. Makes sense, I suppose – tiny home, tiny art. You’ve seen our mini (and forever growing) cluster by the door, and perhaps you’ve noticed our affinity for trinkets and the sort – seen here, here, and even here. Welp, we’veKEEP READING >


Get to Know: Kalli

My BFF Kalli, a talented artist and jewlery designer based out of Los Angeles, has an interesting take on adding color to your rentals. While visiting her during our whirlwind trip of the California coast, we were so lucky to snooze in her bed (love ya, Kalli!) and enjoy the soft aquas and blues of her room. Here’s her take on a unique wayKEEP READING >