Monthly Archives: October 2010


Happy Howl-o-ween

Like most folks, Halloween is a top holiday around this home (maybe more so for me; challenge me to a costume contest and it is on). This year, we thought it was Jack’s turn to gussy up and paint the proverbial town red. (You may remember the aviator jacket he scored at this year’s yard sale.) Here he is, happy as a scarf-wrapped clam,KEEP READING >


Painted: Cody

You may have seen Cody pop up in our Pet Shop, but his face was too sweet not to share on our Painted platform, too. While this Lab and Chow mix may get more noticed for his love of food (his sandwich sleuthing skills come to mind), the “sniffer” in him is what got me. Keeping his nose to the pavement on every walk, Cody barely liftsKEEP READING >


Office, Reinvented

Perhaps to make sense of why the hubs and I are so darn happy with our office in it’s current state, it might make sense to look back. Like, way back. Originally housing a fold out futon, it was meant simply as a guest room and nothing else. The honey wood (and matching pillows, really?) didn’t really scream “us,” but hey,KEEP READING >


The RedEye: Little Wonder

This morning, our little Yellow Brick Home was featured in RedEye, a daily newspaper here in the Windy Ctiy. If you’re a Chicago commuter, you’ve seen ’em floating on every “el” train in town, so we hope you can snag a copy to frame for your home office, too. Er, I mean… we’re just happy, ok? A big, fattyKEEP READING >


Swap Cup

Perhaps a little different (and a lot more mild) than the good ‘ol college day, a-hem, game, our rendition involves no, um, liquids, and can be done in 30 seconds. Here’s what I mean. Scott and I have had this mug holding our pens and pencils in the office for the better part of 7 years. Yeah. So if you do the math, this mug hasKEEP READING >


Quail of a Tale

The last time the hubs and I took a weekend road trip to visit the fam in Cincinnati, we made our usual round at the Kellogg Flea Market. Man, do we love that place. On the same day we found our too-cute mail savior, we also scooped up a trio of quails, and all for one dollar. The vendor explained that he poked the fuzzy lining from the bottom ofKEEP READING >