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While rummaging through every junk drawer, closet, and storage space in our home for our recent yard sale, we stumbled across an old plant hook. Picked up at an antique store during our last visit to Cincinnati, the purchase had almost slipped our minds. Almost. So as a daily reminder (never one to purposely let things slide), I set it out on theKEEP READING >


Son of a Flood

Remember that relaxing weekend we promised each other? We half-kept our word, but for good reason. After spending a great Saturday being a tourist in our own city (with the hub’s folks in tow) – from double decker bus tours, Garrett’s popcorn, and sinful burgers off the beaten path – we came home that night with fullKEEP READING >


Oh, Sweet Friday

Do you ever find yourself so busy that even the simplest tasks start to feel a mountain? Scott could sweetly ask me to water the plants, and there’s a good possibility I’d snap. Poor Scott. We’ve hit that hot summer peak when weekends are booked a good month in advance and the “honey-do” list has grown to the lengthKEEP READING >


Yard Sale 2.0

Condo association yard sale 2010 (v. 2.0) is in the books, folks. And once again (you may remember our sale of yore), it was a heckuva success. We all walked away with some cush in the pockets, invaluable extra space in our homes, and bellies full of burgers and beers… But let’s back up a bit and retrace the steps of a successfulKEEP READING >


We’re Having A(nother) Yard Sale!

Some of you may remember waaay back to August of 2009 when we hosted our first annual condo association yard sale. Not only did over ten units in our building participate, but so did a few of our closest friends, all who took the opportunity to set up shop in our tree lawn. We had a blast, made some money, and cleared out all that unnecessaryKEEP READING >


The Bedroom Blahs…Resolved

Boy, do we feel better. Not only have the hubs and I been snug as a bug in our freshly made over bedroom, but I’ve actually woken up on the weekends to find Scott still sleeping in, and well past 9 am. For those of you who know my man, you’d know this used to be an impossible feat. For me, most weekend mornings are spent dozingKEEP READING >