Monthly Archives: April 2010


The Bracket Race: Small, Cool

Because of you, this Yellow Brick Home got enough votes to qualify for the first-round-elimination-bracket-voting in this year’s Apartment Therapy Small, Cool Contest Little Division. Whew, what a mouthful. In other words, we’ll need your help (and voting thumbs…again) to keep moving forward! As if the Stanley Cup playoffsKEEP READING >


Bathroom Redo: Reveal

Last week, we shared our yolk-y mirror redo. A clean, poppy coat of paint and some decorative tacks from the local fabric store punched our originally black, drab mirror up a few notches. So what else did we do? Our overall goal was to take that sky blue bathroom and make it feel a little more polished. A little less baby-boy’s-bedroom, andKEEP READING >


No More Screws Loose.

After the recent revamping of my tool collection and the introduction of the BBOT, I realized that it was finally time for me to accomplish a similar feat with all of the screws, nails, wire nuts, and other fasteners that had been cluttering our lives (and cabinets) for too long. Enter Jo-Ann fabrics, where we were on a mission for some trim (toKEEP READING >


Bathroom Redo: Egg Yolks

A few weekends ago, the hubs and I were feeling a little crafty, so we decided to whip up a weekend-bathroom project we’d been talking about (and neglecting) for a while. Our intentions were to tone down those bright blue walls, but still keep it fun. Originally inspired by this LA salon bathroom (because nothing screams “home”KEEP READING >


Lucky Winner: Urban Posture

Last week’s giveaway sponsored by Urban Posture turned up some pretty dreamy entries, all of which left us aching for sunny days, sandy beaches, and maybe a frosty cocktail (or two). Between all the fun plans you have in store to the exciting milestones not too far off (graduation day and first-time parents on the horizon, wowza!), it seemsKEEP READING >


Won’t You Join Us?

In the interest of saving our friends from home page clutter with YBH posts, we’ve decided to become official. Official, meaning, we’re now on Facebook. Yup. Lucky for us, we have some pretty nice friends, so they became fans of Yellow Brick Home anyway. You guessed it; they totally made our day. And to make it easy for anyKEEP READING >