Monthly Archives: October 2009


A Wine That Loves Food

As you know, I love a deal.  And when it comes to wine, I know exactly where my under-$5 bottles are stashed at the local grocery store.  Lately, it seems I’m not the only one who knows their bottom-shelf secret, and I’m no longer suprised when I see a big empty spot in place of shiny, perfect bottles.  So you can imagine the smile onKEEP READING >


The Tracks In Our Home

As with most couples diving headlong into their first real estate purchase together, it took weeks of searching before we were able to decide on our little yellow brick condo. One of the major selling points of our unit was the great ceiling detail that helped to separate the kitchen space from the living space in our open concept floor plan. KimKEEP READING >


Harvest Is Here

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go back to Young’s Dairy, one of my favorite childhood haunts.  As you may remember, a trip to Yellow Springs is always a rare opportunity, so I sucked it up for all it’s worth.  My friends and I grabbed a delicious lunch, followed by ridiculously yummy ice cream and coffee (topped with fresh, richKEEP READING >


Staging the Scene

Well consider us flattered.  After sharing our recent redo in Renee’s charming living room, we were contacted by her friend, Raul, a realtor in our bustling Windy City.  After a few emails and a quick phone call, we were officially booked to help him stage a condo up for sale in the eclectic neighborhood of Edgewater, just a quick jog fromKEEP READING >


Fall Is In the Air

The chill is in the air, and Fall is officially here.  I’ve been wearing my layers in the morning, all bundled up in cardigans, coats, and scarves.  To most, this is an annoyance.  To me, I can’t get enough.  Not only is it fun to pile on the comfy sweaters, but it’s that time of year to start drinking up the hot apple ciders,KEEP READING >


Renee’s Living Room Redo: Reveal

Starting with one little request just a few months ago, Scott and I officially turned the corner from interior enthusiasts and became interior do-ers. As most of you know, Miss Renee asked us to help her see the potential in her already cozy, comfy living room. We’ve already given you the back story, teased you with a trunk full ofKEEP READING >