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Renee’s Living Room Redo: Part 3

You’ve gotten a good glimpse at the before-makeover phase, and you’ve seen the car spilling over with home treats.  But to give away the final finish so soon would be too easy.  How about a few teasers instead? In one day, with one iPod playlist, a team of three eager beavers (the YBH crew plus Renee), and twelve hours,KEEP READING >


Renee’s Living Room Redo: Part 2

Oh, the goodies you can fit in the back of a tiny Yaris.  Four gallons of paint, two pairs of curtains, one wall shelf, and a trip to the FLOR store could mean only one thing: Let the makeover spree begin! And let it begin on the right foot – all the colors, accessories, and supplies needed for the floor to ceiling redo came in at just underKEEP READING >


That’s One Tasty Couch

Our baby pup, Jack, has a nasty habit of licking our furniture.  He won’t chew or tear, but he will lick (insert slurpy noise here).  As tasty as that microfiber must be, his mom and dad weren’t having it.  And then it happened – we came home from brunch one day to find a chunk of fabric licked off the couch, straight from theKEEP READING >


Renee’s Living Room Redo: Part 1

Miss Renee is not only a very good friend of ours, but she’s also the reason why Yellow Brick Home exists.  One night over a few glasses of wine, she declared that we absolutely positively should share our home ideas with the world.  “You should start a blog,” she said. It wasn’t until she said this again a few days later,KEEP READING >


Like Antique Malls? Get In the Business.

As the title of this post suggests, my aunt and uncle did just that. And with a last name like Master, what better name than Master Pieces Antiques? Aunt Mary Pat and Uncle Doug have always had a passion for antiques. It’s been obvious in their choices of hundred-year-old houses, vintage British sports cars and rooms furnished with moreKEEP READING >


Old Sweet Home

For most of my life, I grew up in a ranch style home in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was one mile from my first job at the Young’s Dairy ice cream shop, and I often get a hankerin’ for their sweet scoops served up in a crunchy waffle cone. Problem is, my family moved to the hills of Pennsylvania after I graduated high school, so theKEEP READING >