Monthly Archives: June 2009


A Snail of a Tale

I must admit that I’ve felt a wee bit sluggish lately.  This summer has started off with quite the boom, including everything from in-town house guests and out of town adventures, with a wedding and concert weekend dashed in the mix.  Between the blazing heat outdoors, the too-cool, conditioned air inside, and the seemingly endless workKEEP READING >


Holy Smokes, I’m FLORed!

Stop the presses! Could it be? Is it true? Living in such teeny headquarters has always made us rethink the way we purchase anything – from accessories, to furniture, to quantities of toilet paper (where will the 24 pack go?). Along those same lines, modular goods are a huge bonus. If something can easily be rearranged, repurposed, orKEEP READING >


A Sideboard Story

A what? A sideboard? Scott and I didn’t even know what that was until we needed one. The time came last Fall, when we finally decided to do something about that ugly stepchild of ours – the office.  Well, we call it an office.  Let’s just say our office/second bedroom/catch-all/bastard-nook-in-the-house really needed some TLC. KEEP READING >


Gobble, Gobble

No, it’s not Thanksgiving.  Although, a huge slice of sweet potato pie could hit the spot any time of year.  And yes, it’s still summer (thank goodness).  But we did just take a stop through Turkeyville, USA! Yup, you heard right.  Although this post is a bit late in the making, we spent this past Memorial Day at Cornwell’s,KEEP READING >


Hello, Number 2

Hello, and welcome to our second floor walk up, nestled just off the boulevard in the hustle and bustle of Chicago.  My husband, Scott, and I live alongside our two fuzzy cats, one spunky puppy, and tank full of colorful fish.  In our quest to convert our itsy bitsy condo into a happy and comfy home, we’ve decided to jump on the bloggingKEEP READING >