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The Workroom, Ready to Work!

I spent the first half of this week digging through still mostly-packed moving boxes of shop supplies, jugglingView full post »


DIY Salvaged Wood Shelves In 10 Steps

For such a teeny space, the studio workroom is taking a little longer to pull together than I thought it would. Most ofView full post »


Media Makeover

Over the last couple of weeks, our monstrosity of a temporary media setup had finally got the best of us. Kim was tiredView full post »


A Door, A Closet and a Domino

Soon after we painted our entry closet walls a soft minty green, I got started on phase 2 of closet overhaul –View full post »


Feeling Green (+ a Giveaway!)

Hello, 2014! Through some sort of miracle (or in other words, some extreme hustling in December), Scott and I were ableView full post »


Organizing the Junk, Part II

With the rest of the home in complete chaos (although, we’re making great progress!), I was in dire need toView full post »



At the end of last year, Scott suggested a very scary thing. Over dinner, he (very nonchalantly) asked, whyView full post »


Scott’s Closet Redux

Would ya look at that disgraceful closet? It’s a hot stinkin’ mess. Shambles doesn’t even begin toView full post »


Clearing the Junk. Or Organizing It, Anyway.

It should be no secret that we have a junk drawer. Everyone does, yeah? But what happens when one drawer multipliesView full post »