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Pink Varde

Before installing the salvaged wood shelves, I put together the Varde knowing that once the hard part was over (becauseView full post »


DIY Salvaged Wood Shelves In 10 Steps

For such a teeny space, the studio workroom is taking a little longer to pull together than I thought it would. Most ofView full post »


Baseboard How-To (+ Workroom Progress!)

After our recent nook room baseboard update, we had a few questions regarding the actual installation, and afterView full post »


Chimney Sweep, Sort Of.

When working on a house this old, it’s so easy to get distracted and want to do all the things!, and it’sView full post »


Vittsjo Refined

The purpose for our nook: Sit. Relax. Enjoy music. We knew this would be our funny little room to play our records (manView full post »


Media Makeover

Over the last couple of weeks, our monstrosity of a temporary media setup had finally got the best of us. Kim was tiredView full post »


Baseboards + Winter

Baseboards! We have them! In the nook room, anyway. Out of all the things to do in this home, our funny little room hasView full post »


One Sill Down.

Now that we have our trim picked out – everything from our baseboards, to the windows and the doors – weView full post »


Make Your Own Pendant Light

Some time around this past Thanksgiving, we spent a quiet day off hopping around to some of our favorite vintage storesView full post »