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Poodles + Pitties + Doxies!

You guys! First, thank you a thousand times for the great conversation and feedback on last week’s celebratory post. You all made our hearts so happy, and we feel so lucky that you continue to stop by as we slowly (very, very slowly) chug along on our home’s renovation journey. Even now, as we’ve put our home on semi-hold thisKEEP READING >


6 Years Old + Ask Anything

6 years! That’s how long ago we bought the domain for Yellow Brick Home, thinking, I bet there are other people out there that love DIY, too. And a big glass of red wine. In 6 years, we’ve learned a lot about our personal style – what we love, what we don’t – and we’ve found ourselves in a bigger house (noKEEP READING >


These Old Nails

It’s no surprise that we love adding art to a room before we can say done! (Right now, we have a stash of framed pieces under the guest room bed, waiting to be hung on the kitchen walls. Oh, kitchen, you silly thing!) The workshop was no exception, and you might remember seeing this guy on the wall? During the days of dust, debris and theKEEP READING >


Pegboard for Things

I mentioned in our last post that we wouldn’t be insulating the garage, as it simply didn’t seem necessary for our personal needs. For one, it’s detached, and we’re looking at the garage as a space for super messy projects (read: anything on a table saw!), outdoor-type storage and a proper home for our car. We don’tKEEP READING >


Crossing Off the Leaky Roof

Before we could really dive into our garage overhaul, we had to start from the top before working our way down. For as long as we’ve lived in this home, we’ve never parked a car in here. Not only has the space been overloaded with scrap wood and miscellaneous boxes for the last two years (which we finally purged and organized aKEEP READING >


A Look Inside the One Tail Adoption Center

The One Tail at a Time Adoption Center is located in Bucktown, not too far from our own front door. The photo above was taken by Heather (the director of the nonprofit and all around pet-saving-badass), and in the couple of months since they’ve moved in, it already looks drastically different! There’s a fence and a yard, with moreKEEP READING >