Monthly Archives: August 2014


Problem Solving + Trim Talking

Remember a long, long time ago when we said – out loud! – that we would have our trim and baseboards finished by the end of May? The end of May. Ah! Ahaha! Those were good times. In any case, we can see the finish line, but we’ve been doing a whole lot of problem solving and road-block-crushing along the way. InstallingKEEP READING >


A Very Green Studio Installation

Over the weekend, we installed a very green (and sort of purple) wall of plants to the studio! Scott has been convincing me for years that a “living wall” would be a fun addition to our home, and while I’ve always loved the look, we were short on space in our small condo. This house though? We have no shortage of walls, andKEEP READING >


A Hometown Desk Makeover (v.2)

We took an extra long weekend away celebrating a job well done for my favorite guy (a work-slash-reward-trip for Scott; congrats! You deserved it!), and as is typical upon returning home, it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things. Chicago is finally feeling warm – it took long enough! – but the trees in our lawn haveKEEP READING >


Fabric Picking + Chair Rescuing

Soon after sharing our pairs of chairs, I began the process of ordering a handful of fabric swatches for our recent estate sale find. There was some definite push back on keeping them as-is (even having family give us a ring and claim that they loved them, just the way they were!), but! Allow us to explain? We’ve nothing against the mustardKEEP READING >


Jack + CC’s Pee Pit

This post is a sort of last hurruh! from the entire archive of summer outdoor updates – from our decision to rebuild our front steps, which led to the replacement of our concrete pad, to planning our garden and the ultimate decision to nix a front path and go for the grass. After all that, Jack and CC now have a pee pit! From the first timeKEEP READING >


The Easiest Exterior Update

This wasn’t on any of our outdoor to-do lists, but it was such an easy facelift to up our curb appeal. By no means is it perfect – it’s still a dented, old mailbox! – but it’s a major improvement over what we had going on before: Our sad mailbox is welded onto our front gate, so it wasn’t as simple as undoing aKEEP READING >