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The Porch Is Painted!

Well, the vertical surfaces, anyway! (We’ll get to the porch floor soon.) As I mentioned yesterday, the weekend was a full blown DIY party, paint-stained pants, cold beers and all. (Although, that depends on your idea of a party?) The concrete work began Thursday night and was dry by Saturday morning, and while Scott and his dad focused onKEEP READING >


Concrete + Puppy Paws

Although it’s Wednesday, we still feel as though we’re coming off of a DIY hangover; this past weekend, we put on our DIY-party-pants, and we hit it hard. Scott’s parents planned to visit us for one full day of help, and still being fresh off the headache of baseboard installation (and miraculously living to tell the tale!), weKEEP READING >


You’ve Come a Long Way, Entry.

I almost can’t believe I’m about to say this, but the entryway trim, baseboards and flooring are done! Considering how long we’ve been working on them (what, with going back to the new tile, it’s been over 5 months?), we should be done. But! There are a small handful of loose ends to tie up, such as… … paintingKEEP READING >


Flea Season!

Sunday morning, we set our alarm clocks for 5 AM. Voluntarily! The Elkhorn Flea Market kicked off their season, and after our luck at last year’s market, we couldn’t wait to go back. Although, I’ll fully admit to be extra grumpy until we arrived at 7:30 – bright eyed and bushy tailed! (Thanks, coffee!) The huge market isKEEP READING >


On the Wall

With so much of our attention being focused on our entryway, I’ve been craving a break away from trim, caulk, more trim and more caulk. It’s been feeling like the never ending chore (just as you’re likely wishing we would stop grumbling about it!), so in-between all that caulk, I’ve been stealing a few moments to put aKEEP READING >


A Rug That Punches You In the Face

I said last week that we were totally working outside of our comfort zone, and together with the recovered velvet sofa, our new rug sealed that deal. We picked this up on Ebay, and after staring for weeks at Persians (it became a 15-minute part of my morning routine; shower, coffee, feed the family, check Ebay, you know), we narrowed it down to aKEEP READING >