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Trim Picking

The entryway (and all the way up to the second floor landing) has been painted. The studio has been painted. The living room and the nook room have been painted! Even still, they’re all missing the last piece – sort of like a frame for your photograph, you know? Trim! I’ve mentioned time and time again (and for sounding like aKEEP READING >


Funny Little Light

During the same time we were getting our furnace installed for the second floor, Scott did a final sweep of the attic (which is where the furnace now lives). He picked up bits of loose debris, double checked the work on our leaky roof hatch (that was properly fixed by our contractors during the whole no-ceiling-living) and mentioned to me inKEEP READING >


Now You See Us… + A Giveaway!

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Congrats to entry #407, Mark K, and thank you to all who participated! If there’s one thing that we should have done a long, long time ago, it would have been to install curtains – or shades, blinds, anything. We’ve been a big, open book since we’ve moved in (oh, hi, neighbor!KEEP READING >



A big, huge resounding thank you! for all of your input on the nook room’s paint color. You brought up a lot of good points, and Scott and I dug through each of your comments and weighed all of your pros and cons for both options. (A little get together at our house on Friday night also helped to firm up our decision!) It seems thatKEEP READING >


The Nook: Green or Green?

As settled as we are about the very soft, very pale hues of gray, blue and pink in the other areas of our home, I’ve been losing my mind (and as a result, Scott’s losing his!) over a color for this teeny, tiny nook beyond our media wall: This is a funny little space, full of awkward angles and nooks within itself, due entirely to theKEEP READING >



We didn’t get to the foyer (or living room) baseboards this weekend – quite the opposite, actually – but we did cross off a pretty important to-do: the studio! Working from home every day, I’ve learned to put my blinders on; if I didn’t stare at the walls too long, I wouldn’t see the smudges (and the cracks andKEEP READING >