Monthly Archives: November 2013


Drop Cloths? Gone.

At the end of last week, our contractor officially handed over our keys; they were done. It was such a long time coming, that it almost didn’t feel real; our shoulders felt instantly lighter, the weights removed. As you can imagine, months of contracted work, drywall mud, wood splinters and loose electrical snippings created the mother ofKEEP READING >


A Patch-Up Job

When we pulled up the wood flooring from our home’s foyer, our intent was to 1) ultimately tile the entryway (especially since knocking down all the wonky walls left large gaps in the hardwood) and 2) use those tongue and groove planks to patch other areas of the home. We thought, pssshh! No problem. This will be great! We very carefullyKEEP READING >


Plan B: The Basement

Before leaving for Mexico, we carefully (and hurriedly) set our “out of office” auto replies, secured our pet sitters, wiped down furniture, laid down fresh plastic sheeting on daily use items (such as our printer, studio desk and filing carts), ushered miscellaneous chairs, ottomans and decor into the safety of our second spare roomKEEP READING >


While We Were Out

Just as we have in years past, Scott and I toasted our five year wedding anniversary with a getaway – and as luck would have it, we found ourselves in Playa del Carmen (yes, again!) to share in our friends’ wedding day. We’d never been to Mexico until this year, and yet there we were, aboard a plane to hit the same destinationKEEP READING >


Do It Yourself: Winter 2013

First, can you even get over how well our little chubs is working her angles? Second, our feature in the Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine is out on newsstands right now! A handful of sweet readers starting Instagram-ing the issue once it hit their mailboxes, nearly causing our hearts to implode with excitement. We received oursKEEP READING >


5 Years + A Pause

Today, Scott and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary – and 10 years of being together. The best years of my life. It’s always fun to look back one year – two years, five years, ten years – and remember where we were then: The start of our should we move? debate, living in our 675 sq ft condo, hopeful to expandKEEP READING >