Monthly Archives: October 2013


Hoppy Halloween

Libby finally comes out as the sweet bunny she really is. Wishing you more treats than tricks this Halloween!KEEP READING >


The Farmhouse Table: Stain and Finish

Admittedly, the finish on the farmhouse table – which will ultimately be used as my studio desk – took much longer than anticipated. A handful of road bumps (oh, we’ll get to that!), working around the contractors and shuffling the table from room to room (it was a total guessing game: where will be the least dusty place of themKEEP READING >


The Farmhouse Table: Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Over the weekend, Scott and I got to work on making our Craigslist farmhouse table a usable, working studio desk for this girl. For now, I’m still using the same small painting table, but word on the street is that the drywall work will be finished this week (or next, maybe?), and we can start dusting ourselves off and turning rooms intoKEEP READING >


It’s Getting There.

Our definition of ‘getting there’ used to be much more lighthearted. A-ha! This pillow is just what we needed for the new bedsheets! Yes, it’s definitely getting there, we’d say. Or, hey, should I move this potted succulent to a different shelf? Ooh, much better. Yup, the shelf styling is getting there. Those were goodKEEP READING >


Let’s Talk About the Basement.

When we purchased our home in June, it was a residential two-flat – or in other words, it was a building with two apartments. However, there were three families that lived here, one on each of the two floors and in the basement. The basement, otherwise known as our home’s garden unit, was a fully liveable, inhabitable space; a spaceKEEP READING >


Make it Rain (Barrel)

Water is a crazy thing. It’s simultaneously destructive, life-sustaining, and expensive. A week or so after moving into our new house, we were greeted by our friendly mail-lady who handed over to us a stack of grocery store flyers, junk mail from the previous tenants and a ginormous water bill. Like, $600 ginormous. The good news, however,KEEP READING >