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The 6 Year Evolution + A Tribute

Okay, technically, this October it will be 6 years in our current home. (So, really, it’s more like a 5 1/2+ year evolution, but who’s counting?) We started this little virtual home well into our home’s evolution (we’d been living here for not quite 2 years), but as we became more in synch with our merging tastes and style,KEEP READING >



It seems as though, in the last week, we’ve started every single post with a thank you! for taking our very first (and you know by now, very official) reader survey. You guys rock. You’re the bees knees! The cat’s pajamas! Your thoughts on what works, what could be better and why you keep coming back (those responses were tooKEEP READING >


Visiting the New Home

First! You all know by now that this is the last week for Google Reader (boo!). If you’ve slacked on the whole switcheroo (you know, like us), now’s the time to import your favorite blogs. We switched to Bloglovin‘, but The Old Reader and Feedly are hot stuff, too. (Add us to your Bloglovin’ here, or Feedly rightKEEP READING >


Reader Q+A, Take 2: Our Home(town)

Yesterday we got personal, so let’s spend today talking about… stuff. Home stuff. City stuff. This town that we love so, so much. Here’s what you’ve asked, and here’s what we have to say: How do you budget for your home projects? Flea market finds? Surprise purchases? SCOTT: We don’t exactly budget, but we doKEEP READING >


Reader Q+A, Take 1: Personally Speaking…

Last week, we held our very first, very official reader survey to celebrate our 4 year blogging birthday – has it really been that long? – and we learned so much about you all! Between the fellow Pittie lovers, artists and bicycle enthusiasts, you have some really quirky quirks. And we love it. We share your wanderlust, obsessiveKEEP READING >


Buried Treasure!

First off, a gigantic thank you!┬áto all who participated in our Very First, Very Official Reader Survey! The results are in, and – not that we’re surprised – it turns out that you guys are just as awesome, funny and curious as we suspected. (We literally LOL’ed many, many times as we read and re-read your responses!)KEEP READING >