Monthly Archives: February 2013


Fun with Bokeh

Rather than spend our whole weekend triple-checking our phones for missed calls on the one (nope; not a word), I thought it would be fun to work on a mini project that would keep our one-track minds off of the only thing we think about lately. And since we’re limbo-living – and because tweaking our home again would just be insaneKEEP READING >


On House Hunting and The One

We’ve been dancing around the idea of a larger-to-us home for a while; it’s been a quest for more space, no more wall sharing, a yard for Jack and more room for the home studio as The Pet Shop (and soon-to-be Print Shop) continue to expand and grow. We’ve been marking yearly anniversaries around travel and new cities – allKEEP READING >


My Second Date with a Sewing Machine

Not wanting to forget everything I’d learned in my pillow making class, I borrowed a friend’s sewing machine over the weekend and dived right into my second I-made-this!-with-a-sewing-machine! project. I cursed, I almost cried, and I pricked my finger more than a few times – but 3 hours (yes, really) and a few YouTube videosKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

In-between downtime with friends and dates with our couch, we spent the weekend tying up loose ends, making future plans and daydreaming (lots of that). I took advantage of weekend sleep ins, and I woke up each morning to Scott and Jack playing video games – something that is becoming sort of a tradition. After coffees, radio sing-alongsKEEP READING >


I Sewed a Pillow For Real

I’ve admitted many,┬ámany times that I have a real fear of sewing machines – I mean, that’s an exaggeration, but those crazy strings! Coming from all angles! – and for my whole DIY life, I’ve avoided them. You’ve seen me swear up and down on hem tape (and I still do; Stitch Witchery rules my world), having madeKEEP READING >


Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day – if that’s your thing! But if all the lovey dovey leaves you feeling a bit like Maddie, well, please disregard. Hugs and kisses. And PS: Just so you don’t think we’re complete jerks (because we really love the jeebs out of this girl!), she received plenty of belly rubs and snuggles after herKEEP READING >