Monthly Archives: October 2012


Yarr, Matey

Wishing you a happy, candy-filled Halloween!KEEP READING >


The Soap Distillery: Cocktail Inspired Suds

When our friend Danielle asked us if we’d be interested in trying out her cocktail inspired soaps, we said, yes, please! As the mixologist behind The Soap Distillery, Danielle creates slather-worthy, bathtub fun from scratch. Using a blend ofKEEP READING >


Sassy New Home

Er, virtual home, that is. Our digs should look a little different around here, so if you’re viewing this in a Reader or via email, click over to see what’s new! I spent a few minutes of Saturday importing the new design, then a fewKEEP READING >


Sweet Friday

It’s been a busy week, and I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I’ve been making these insane lists, but I still lay awake at night going over the tick marks – it seems my brain has started to outsmart myKEEP READING >


Polished, Wired & Up (Finally)

A long, long time ago (we’re talking, like a year), we found this light at a sidewalk sale, polished it, wired it, and had big plans to hang it in the studio – that is, after you nixed our original idea. Remember? (Yeah, us either. ItKEEP READING >


About That Art

After committing to a handful of tweaks for the living room, we were the most excited (and at the same time, perhaps the most undecided) about changing up our wall of shelves. After tossing around a few ideas – because at first, Scott wasKEEP READING >