Monthly Archives: June 2012


The Commencement

When I began college almost 12 years ago, I was pretty sure that I’d come out of the other side as a painter withView full post »


Venetian to Roman

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the stu-stu-studio, and shame on us for never officially showingView full post »


The Family

During our recent Pet Shop overhaul, we decided it was about time we snagged recent snaps of this duo, considering mostView full post »


The Week’s End

We hit the last work week hard. Scott had more than a handful of 4am wake-ups (I cringe!), and we acted as adults forView full post »


Patio Season

Our patio has been complete for a few weeks now (those pillows were the last to do), but we’ve been nit pickingView full post »



Before launching The Pet Shop v.2 last Friday morning, I was scared. I was scared that we’d pushed ourselves soView full post »


The Pet Shop v.2 Makes Its Debut!

As if Scott’s 31st and our bloggy anniversary weren’t enough to make a week worth celebrating, we’reView full post »


Today, We’re 3!

It’s been 3 years since we’ve started this blog (a word that Scott still can’t say; it makes himView full post »


Pillow Peek

Last week, I took it upon myself to enjoy the warmth on our patio and read a book. But as I tried to treat myself to aView full post »