Monthly Archives: April 2012


Painted: Ammo

Ammo was painted on a pint-sized 4×4 panel, appropriately sized for his mini stature, but maybe not so much for his proud, heroic outlook. The teeny dachshund is full of personality, perhaps not surprising when you consider that he’s the baby brother (and very handsome sidekick) to a trio of painting ponies – yes, reallyKEEP READING >


A Patio Start

On a whim – well, a whim that had me perusing for hours (one mouse click off the beaten path, and before you know it, you’re fifty pages deep in web land) – and with Scott’s approval of color and pattern, I bought one yard of each of these (top to bottom: Swavelle Water Lily, Premier Prints Cadence, PremierKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

We took a long weekend – leaving Thursday night for Kokomo, Indiana – for what would be a 3 day fiesta of wedding celebration and family. Scott’s brother, the youngest of the three siblings, got married in a Saturday afternoon ceremony that had me crying before his (beautiful!) lady walked down the aisle. Just watching him seatKEEP READING >


DIY When You’re Living Small

It should come as no surprise that we love a good DIY. My heart goes wild when Scott reviews fabric choices with me (oh!, what have I done to him?), and a Sunday stroll through Home Depot is our idea of a great time (really). But with every project we take on, we like to tell you how it went down, good or bad. But something we rarely bring up isKEEP READING >


The Evolution of Grandma’s Chair

Last week, we showed a snippet of Grandma’s chair. Yes, it had come back from the upholsterer, but there were a few finishing touches until she was studio bound. Said touches were made over the weekend, and because we’ve been losing it (in a good way) since she came home, let’s skip the before and jump right to theKEEP READING >


Colors, Hockey and Makeovers

First, thank you for all the input yesterday! Funny, I was leaning towards the yellow, but you brought up so many great points against it. And after a few of you said matchy matchy, well, you practically scared us right out of that direction. (I’ve been known to change an outfit multiple times until no two pieces actually match; I shudder atKEEP READING >