Monthly Archives: March 2012


DIY Spring Wreath

Since getting a grown-up phone at the end of last year (after a much needed upgrade from my Zack Morris cell), I’m slowly learning the app lingo, my favorite being Instagram. Even still, it took me almost 3 months to learn how to look atKEEP READING >


No Strings Attached

I can’t sew. While earning my Brownie craft badge in elementary school, I gave it the good, old fashioned try; I did. But, oh!, the panic I felt with all those strings everywhere! I did get my badge (with my mom’s help), but as an adult,KEEP READING >


The Week’s End

Scott spent the weekend in rural Kentucky celebrating one of his brother’s last weekends of singledom before married life. They toured bourbon trails, smoked cigarellos and played with water balloons; these are the stories he shared, anyway.KEEP READING >


The Shelves

Our studio shelving is done! It has been for weeks! Er, well, the shelving is finally complete, as in, I’m no longer fussing over the things. And that’s only been for the last week. Let’s start over. It’s been officially onKEEP READING >


Visiting Mr B and Miss M

Not only are A and E of Two Pitties in the City friends of ours, but their celebrity pooches, Mr B and Miss M, are also coolio with Jack. While our little man may not have the extensive wardrobe his buddies have (although, we’re makingKEEP READING >


Zombie Brains Smell Good

We’ve mentioned here that we like to display sweet cards from friends and family in a glass vase – a happy reminder of the people we don’t see every day. While we still store them in plain view (the vase has since moved to theKEEP READING >