Monthly Archives: January 2012


‘Denza. Done.

With the majority of our frames (because yes, there’s more that didn’t make it to the wall!) up off the floor and our fauxdenza being done, there’s been an onslaught of open spaces in this home. There’s less tripping down theKEEP READING >


Get Your Gallery On.

You might remember when we collected a gaggle of ornate frames from the Pittsburgh thrift niche over the holidays. While we love a good, gaudy gold, we’re not totally sold on the “fakes.” (You know, the ones made of plastic andKEEP READING >


A(nother) Lighting Love Story

To the light in my studio, I love you. Like, a lot. (Scott, too.) Even though you’re surrounded by paint bins, drop cloths and cans of mineral spirits, you still look so fine. You’re so… big. And bright! Oh, happy, happyKEEP READING >


The State of Things

First of all, thank you, thank you for all the help with my upholstery dilemma. You gave good, level-headed advice for good, well-rounded decisions – something I feel we’ve been lacking in as of late. Loaded plates and big to-dos haveKEEP READING >


Full Length

Aside from a $9 Target mirror I scrimped for in college (which was unfortunately dubbed a fat mirror; you know the kind), I’ve never owned a legitimate full length mirror. This realization is usually met in (mock) horror by my girlfriends,KEEP READING >


To Do?

Some of you might remember my, um, inheritance from my grandma. As mentioned here, a million dollars couldn’t come close to Ol’ Timey, a folder of childhood drawings and the mustard chair. When she downsized from her large, PittsburghKEEP READING >