Monthly Archives: November 2011


Lucky Winner: Pop Deluxe

Last week’s giveaway from Pop Deluxe united all us Adler fans – and got us thinking about yummy, fun holiday traditions. So many of you have toasty-feeling-ed ways of celebrating, everything from champagne while tree trimming to chowingKEEP READING >


Gift Certificates!

The title of this post should have at least twenty more exclamation points, as the Pet Shop gift certificates have (finally!) arrived, and they’ve been a hard-earned labor of love. We met our personal goal to introduce them to all of you noKEEP READING >


Giveaway: Pop Deluxe

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thank you to all who participated! To kick start the holiday season (that is, now that our bellies have been sufficiently stuffed with turkeys or tofu), we’ve partnered with the Madison gift shopKEEP READING >


Hey, Thanks.

Like last year (and the three years prior), we’ll be spending today with our very loved Chicago family of sorts – because while we may not share the same moms or pops, they’re some of our closest pals and that’s certainlyKEEP READING >


You Add a Frame, and All Hell Breaks Loose.

A few months ago, I finally ponied up and hung our tangle of mirrors (plus one piece of framed art) in the office. For far too long, they’d been sitting in a jumbled pile on the sideboard, taking up space and driving me ca-razy. UntilKEEP READING >


Casters On Things

After hours and hours of painting perched atop one of our backless barstools, m’lady was beginning to have some back-pain issues. We decided it was time for her to scoop up a bad-ass new drafting chair for a bit of support, and after a coupleKEEP READING >