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Happy Halloween, fools.View full post »


Nice Caulk!

As homeowners, one task that we tend to put of as long as humanly possible is that of re-caulking the bathtub every fewView full post »


Let There Be Light

This story (turned saga) begins with a grumpy husband (Scott) and a stubborn wife (Kim). Husband wants to sleep,View full post »


The Week’s End

I scavenged the Unison warehouse sale with a pal; later on, Scott and I scoured record bargains. We stumbled upon aView full post »


Six Ounces

I didn’t get that scale I really, really wanted from the Vintage Bazaar (it was the first item we saw, I toldView full post »


Harry’s New ‘Do

Bull sheep. The resident black thumbs strike again. Big surprise. It’s pretty bad when you can kill baby tears,View full post »


The Question Is…

What do you do when you come home and find your pup looking like this? (Guilty. And totally busted.) Who knows if weView full post »


Polishing, Wiring, and Dilemma-ing.

You might remember back here when we visited the Summer Renegade Craft Fair and didn’t buy anything. We didView full post »


Shop Talk

If you’ve ever been curious about the ins and outs of the Pet Shop – what exactly do I do with my days, andView full post »