Monthly Archives: September 2011


Oh, Sweet Friday

This week has been hectic and full. I’m very guilty of loading my plate with ridiculous portions – oh, busy, busy bee! – and it usually results in silly arguments with my favorite man. He says relax! and I say yes, in five minutes. Said tiffs are also guilty of spinning in circles (around and around). This happens to you tooKEEP READING >


Why, Thank You

As much as Scott loves any excuse to use his power tools (to clarify, we’ll call it a love / hate relationship, since it usually means I’ve dreamed up a new project and his weekends suddenly become more labor intensive than he’d like), we agree that easy upgrades are every bit as satisfying and enjoyable as the time suckers. InKEEP READING >


It Just Keeps Going and Going

While our home is continually tweaked and edited along the way, our small art wall – trailing up the left side of our front door – tends to get the most fussing. Our addiction to sweet, tiny trinkets has been carefully curated (hi, fancy pants), and alongside favorites picked up from fleas and fairs are handmade sentiments from family,KEEP READING >


Polished and Pretty

We knew the light we found during the Renegade sidewalk sale needed a heavy spit shine in a bad way. (Not that the sale and the show went hand in hand, rather, it was a happy coincidence.) It was dusty (easy enough), dingy, and (boo) rusty. For 5 dollars, I really didn’t care. The pretty, domed head made me happy (whoa, anyone?), and evenKEEP READING >


I Broke It

While we could have easily spent mucho, mucho dinero at the Vintage Bazaar on Sunday, we actually managed to spend less than $20. Here’s how it broke down (and whoa, major pun just thrown in, too): a $10 vase, a $1 record, and an $8 pie. The pie was worth every cent, thank you. When we got home, we flipped the tube on for the soothing soundsKEEP READING >


Vintage Bazaar!

You may remember last year when we hit up the first annual Vintage Bazaar in our ‘hood’s music venue, The Congress Theater. Well, the 2011 edition was yesterday, and it was awesome. Same place; same time. Everything from Herman Miller chairs to old bowling pins, prints, letterpress, and pre-made terrariums were represented. We evenKEEP READING >